5 Animals Camp 2023

5 Animals Camp 2023 Description

PLAYFULL AND DEEP – 5 Animals Free Flow and Tui Shou Camp

It is finally time for the next 5 Animals Qi Gong Camp. In 4 days of fulltime practice, we will dive into the more advanced practice of this special system. After focusing the last years on the development of solid basics, we will now research and practice together how one can express the qualities of the 5 Animals and bring these into a free-flow frame.

To understand these principles of bodywork more, we will start to use the 5 Animals in a Tui Shou (Push Hands) frame. Here we will practice how the different elements interact with each other, helping us to keep our balance while breaking the balance of an opposing force.

IMPORTANT NOTE: KNOWING THE BASIC ANIMALS IS A REQUIREMENT FOR THIS CAMP. If you didn’t learn them yet you have the chance to do this in our preparation Seminar: CLICK HERE


  • 5 Animals Free Flow
  • 5 Animals Qualities Expression
  • 5 Elements Nei Gong
  • Tui Shou with the 5 Animals




10:00 – 19:00 o clock (1,5 hours break in between)


Xuan Gong Fu Academy – Berliner Straße 46 10713 Berlin


Stefan Müller

PRICE: 200 € 


Date(s) - 13/04/2023 - 16/04/2023
10:00 - 19:00




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