Beginner Online Class: Turtle and Crane Qi Gong

Beginner Online Class: Turtle and Crane Qi Gong Description

Turtle and Crane Qi Gong – Introduction to the WDP 5 Animal Qi Gong system

Course details

This is a weekly Online Class

From April 16th – June 18th, every Tuesday from 7-8 PM.

Price: 80 euro  (Or Basic Hidden Turtle Membership – 3 Month  105 €)

Tudor: Tara Van Den Berg (Long-Term Student of Xuan)

Included: Recordings of each live class so you can watch or repeat in your own time, feedback of your own practice videos, and a home program for starting your individual practice.

For registration get in Contact with Tara:  via Email taravandenberg[at]
Register directly via (our online portal)

Course description

  • Learn the basic movement patterns of the Turtle and Crane, belonging to the 5 Animal Qi Gong system.

  • Work on Yin and Yang expressions in your movement.

  • Play with the qualities of the heating fire of the Crane and cooling water of the Turtle.

  • Improve spinal health and mind-body connection through slow movement and mindful observation.

In this10 week course you will learn the basic movement patterns of the Crane and Turtle Qi Gong. The crane represents the element of fire, its movements are elegant, expressive and controlled. While the crane is a seemingly simple repetitive movement pattern, we will take time to study the flamelike chain movements and balance skills that bring out the spirit of the crane. Crane Qi Gong will heat you from the inside, giving space to full Yang expression.

The turtle is the opposite of the crane, expressing full Yin. Representing the element of water, Turtle Qi Gong is calming and cooling. We will learn to move careful, slow and structured, like a turtle exploring the world step by step with our full attention.

Each class will be a combination of standing meditation, spinal movements and the basic movement patterns. First in standing and later free in space. In the first weeks each class will focus on one animal at a time, giving you enough time to understand the movements and make them your own. We will slowly also find transitions between the Turtle and the Crane, allowing a playful expression of both energies in your movements and spirit.

Entry requirements: All levels, no experience needed. This course can be used as an introduction to the 5 Animal Qi Gong system as well as a repetition and deepening for more advanced practitioners.

Date(s) - 16/04/2024 - 18/06/2024
19:00 - 20:00

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