Be apart of our Kung Fu family

Practice the whole day
Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat!
Become part of the family
Live and train with us in simple circumstances together with friends from all over the world.
Become a teacher with us
The best way to become a teacher, representing our WDP gong fu lineage, is by joining our Fulltime program.

Do it the old-school way

Become apart of our family and dedicate as much time as possible to the martial arts. Students from all kinds of backgrounds live and train with us. They go through hardships together while collecting great experiences within their Kung Fu journey. In the full-time program, we aim to bring the experience of Kung Fu as it was taught in China,from a master to a student, into the modern world. Therefore we combine traditional Chinese and Western teaching methodologies.

The Full-time program is intended for:

Tai Ji Symbol Tai Ji training

Join us in two possible durations:


Ba Gua and Xing YI Students

Students that want to stay with us from a couple of days up until 3 months are considered as "short-term" students. Students who often don't have the time to dedicate long periods of stay at the school yet still want to experience a time of intensified practice. In this case, the short-term program gives the perfect opportunity to join as much as possible while taking the learned material to their home for further practice.

Many of our short-term students visit us regularly for shorter periods. They continue their Kung Fu journey with us in their own possible frame while living their normal lives in other cities and countries.


Ma Bu Stance - Kung Fu Basics

Students that want to dedicate a larger part of their life into the Kung Fu journey are considered as "long-term" students. By staying longer than 3 months in our academy, they truly become the heart of the school.

The reasons for students to join this intense way of living and practicing are very different. Some take the opportunity to become educated as a teacher while others simply want to dive deeper into the art, so that they may use it a tool for their lives further on.

Esteban Semilla
Esteban Semilla
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Best!!! Train Eat Sleep repeat, all in ONE place with beautiful People and Worldclass Instructors!!!
Nayann Mandaya
Nayann Mandaya
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I have so many things to say about this place... I discovered a place where you can practice martial arts of a high quality... but above all, since I train here, I discover an immuable temple inside myself that follow me everywhere... Through the guidance of a teacher, of principles, I discovered an inner master, an inner voice that guides my steps in the Dao... And more "concretely", I met wonderful people that I can now consider as "Friends"... if not, as a Family. Thanks for all WDP!!!

XUAN - Gong Fu Academy 2019