XUAN - Gong Fu Academy

school for internal kung fu

XUAN - Gong Fu Academy

school for internal kung fu in Berlin

internal martial arts

Internal Kung Fu

Join us in practicing traditional styles of Kung Fu
hailing from the Wudang
mountains. In our daily classes, students from all levels and disciplines
learn internal martial
arts like: Tai Ji (Tai Chi),
Ba Gua, Xing Yi,
Sword and more.

Qi Gong, Chi Gong

Qi Gong

As a tool to improve
health, manage and
release stress or as a solid base for your Tai Chi (Tai Ji)
practice, set your
foundation with our daily
Qi Gong(Chi Gong)
and Meditation

Boxing and Sanda


In our combat program
you will learn how to bring
traditional concepts
into modern combat
arts like MMA
(mixed martial arts), Sanda(chinese kick-boxing)
and BJJ
(Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).

Wudang in Berlin


Do it the old school way
and join us in our
Full-time Teacher Education Program. For a short or long term period. Students from all over the world can live the Kung Fu dream through daily practice.

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Currently :

FULLTIME V – Tugdual – A documentary about old school training in modern life

A special person was the last years with us and got in the end of 2021 ready to continue his way into the “outside world”. Therefore it is time for the next episode of FULLTIME! Episode 5 was the perfect way for me to round up our last year while sharing with you at the same time the story of Tugdual, a special student, friend, and role model to all of us here. A person that brought an energy into our school that still lasts and will probably for years stay. His full commitment as well as his understanding of trust were something we all learned from. Not to be afraid to be vulnerable in trust, but to understand that trust is a state of being that opens the world to us. This made him, and still is making him shine on his way. Seeing him now starting his own project YUAN Gong Fu in Lausanne, Switzerland, I could not be more proud of him. Like a strong river, he will flood the area with profound and always growing gong fu, better grab your boat and jump on now ;)! Also a big thank you to WDP Schweiz who opened the doors for Tugdual and send him on his way. We sometimes underestimate the importance of the start and foundation… but the foundation of a building is the most important… About the Fulltime Documentary: Fulltime is a project that I started five years ago. It portrays the long-term students of our school and their unique ways. Every episode is highlighting through the different characters of the student’s different aspects of our life and training. For the previous episodes check out our Youtube Channel! For Fulltime, Evening and Online Courses visit: https://www.xuan-gongfu.de/

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XIAO YAO ZHANG – CAMP 2022 – 28.04 – 01.05.2022

28/04/2022 – 01/05/2022 @ 10:00 – 16:00 – BRING THE WORDS OF ZHUANG ZE INTO MOTION THROUGH THE UNIQUE WUDANG ART OF XIAO YAO TAI YI ZHANG! Like the fish KUN and the bird PENG we will play with the transformation and relativity of Yin and Yang, Letting go of unnecessary worries in order to travel freely through space as MASTER LIE did […]

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