Ba Gua Zhang – Meditation, Movement and Martial Art

Legends tell the tale of Ba Gua Zhang, a martial art said to have been passed down to its founder, Dong Hai Chuan, by wandering Taoists. Originally a simple walking meditation technique aimed at transforming both body and mind, Dong Hai Chuan recognized its immense potential for growth, leading him to base his martial art on its principles.
You could refer Ba Gua Zhang, as the ancient art of circles. As we immerse ourselves in its practice, we gradually develop a love for these enchanting circles, bearing witness to the birth of the spiral of life. Within this spiral lies a world brimming with unique meditative experiences, Qi Gong practices, expressive movement arts, and powerful martial techniques.
Join us in our Ba Gua Zhang journey in our upcoming seminars:

22.-23.07.2023 Basic Seminar – 4 Essentials + 4 Basic Fighting Palms 17.-20.08.2023 Advanced Camp – 4 Advanced Fighting Plams + Application Practice

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