Through 100 Man To The Middle Of Your Heart – 09 – Everyday Kung Fu

We all carry our own inner fight of life and death in us. While this might sound very harsh, fighting is nothing bad, but only the seek for harmony. The moment we recognize that, everything becomes a fight, and every fight the opportunity to attain harmony. To fight means therefore simply to balance two opposite forces – it means to play with yin and yang in order to archive Tai ji. The ways to approach to our own inner fight can be very various. Some find their tools of balance in religion or phylosophy, others in all kinds of arts. Our tool is the art of fighting. While we learn to handle physical confrontation with body motions better and better, we practice attaining as effortless as possible harmony facing a partner. Our partner simulates for us the unpredictable life that we all are confronted with and teaches us like that, that the only way to take control of life, is to take control of our own inner fight. The less we fight in ourselves the better we can adjust to the circumstances our partner or later also life offers to us. This makes the art of fighting, Martial Arts, another art of inner balance and peace. The better we get, the less we need to fight. Seeking to bring our attention to that inner confrontation we invited our students into a 100 Man battel. The extreme confrontation with never-ending coming opponents for around 3,5 hours, forces the practitioner to reverse the view to the inside.

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