Training Records 06 – Virtue of Competition

In episode 6 I open with you some ideas about competition. Looking at questions like: why do we join competitions and what value they bring into our training. In our Training Records series, I talk in regular episodes about our training. About what we train, how we train, the methodologies of our training or philosophies connected to our training. With this series, we hope to share with your our training process and keep you up to date of what is happening at our academy here in Berlin.

New Ba Gua Clip with Kerem, Marthe and Stev

Three creates eight… For quite some time I want to share with you our latest progress of Ba Gua Zhang. Finally, I had the chance to circle with some of our most advanced Ba Gua Students of Wudang Deutschland again! Join Kerem, Marthe and me when we playfully ignite the inner fire with Ba Gua Zhang in the cold winter of Berlin. The spiral motions and the constant guidance of energy from one motion to the next, are a great way to boost up the mood and the heavy body.

Hidden Warrior Championships II

After Kerem Shemi won our last Online Championships it is now time to crown a new champion. 6 competitors show their forms and application, get criticized first by our commentators and later judged by 3 expert judges in order to find out who is worthy enough to win the hidden warrior championships and receiving the sword of the five animals. Join us when we bring our internal arts onto the sport spotlights in the hope to share in an entertaining way with more people what we do and love while giving our students some extra pressure!

Stay Tune and be ready for the next Championships in hopefully in Summer 2021, when we invite students from all over the world to join our small competition.