Upcoming BA GUA ZHANG CAMP 2022

Being nowadays one of the most well-known Internal Martial Arts styles, Ba Gua Zhang became famous for its circular and beautiful ways of motion as well as its efficiency in combat. Through the creation of spiral energy not only graceful motions are created but also the ability to create a controlling power against one or multiple opponents. Having its origin in the teachings of Cheng Ting Hua, who was famous for his wrestling skills, WDP Ba Gua Zhang as well is a wrestling-oriented style in application. This means that most motions and principles are used for grabbing and throwing techniques, instead of making use of striking and kicking. In four full days of full-time training, we will dedicate ourselves, following the traces of the past while observing how Ba Gua motions become a grappling-based system of combat that can be beautiful and efficient at the same time.

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