SEMINAR – INTENSIVE – CAMP: Tai Ji Basics Seminar – Tai Ji Intensive Month – Tai Ji 36 Form Camp

SEMINAR - INTENSIVE - CAMP: Tai Ji Basics Seminar - Tai Ji Intensive Month - Tai Ji 36 Form Camp Description

Back to the roots! This year we will dive back into the first and most important Tai Ji Practice of our Wudang Principle System: The 36 Jing Jian Tai Ji Quan Form.

Join our two days Tai Ji Seminar and learn the most fundamental principles of Tai Ji as well as the first half of the 36 From.

Join our four days Tai Ji Camp and explore with us the second half of the 36 Form while deepening your principle understanding in our 5 Animals Tui Shou partner work.  Or simply stay a full month joining Seminar and Camp intensifying your Tai Ji practice for another full month of full-time Tai Ji Focus at the academy in Berlin.

Tai Ji Basic Seminar:

In order to establish a profound Tai Ji practice, the internalization of the inner martial principles is absolutely fundamental.  Using motions of our first Tai Ji Form we will learn an practice to fill our body with these principles of Tai Ji Quan.

The seminar can be the perfect preparation for upcoming Camp one month later, in which the 36 Tai Ji Form will be taught and deepened.  Suiting for all level of practice!


  • Basic Internal  Principles: Natural Breath – Structure and Release  – Stillness in Movement
  • Basic Tai Ji Principles: Sinking before Stepping – Turning and Shifting – Guiding Center and more



The Seminar starts Saturday at 10:00 and ends Sunday around 17:00.


Open to all Levels! Very suitable for beginners


Nicolas Knipping

Nicolas Knipping is a Berlin- based martial artist, studying internal martial arts in a full-time frame at Xuan Gong Fu Academy, under the guidance of Stefan Müller.
After a youth spent in professional olympic wrestling, he worked as a personal trainer and movement teacher in Karlsruhe. He also attained a bachelors degree in sports and economics at the Deutsche Hochschule für Prävention und Gesundheit.


Xuan Gong Fu Academy Berlin


100 € / Two Days


Tai Ji Quan 36 Jing Jian Camp:

The focus of this year’s camp will be on learning and deepening the 36 Tai Ji Quan Form. By examining various Tai Ji principles, we will not only acquire movement sequences, but, more importantly, begin to grasp a specific language that imbues every Tai Ji motion with true Tai Ji essence. As these principles become more internalized, they can be applied to all inner martial art practices.

As a result, we will delve even further into these inner principles in our Tui Shou (push hands) partner work as well as application work.


  • Basic Tai Ji Principles: Sinking before Stepping – Endless Roundness – Alive Hands
  • 36 Form (learning and deepening)
  • Tui Shou Practice


01 – 04.08.2024

The Seminar starts Thursday at 10:00 and ends Sunday around 16:00.


Every Level is welcome. First half of the 36 is required. 5 Animals Qi Gong Basics will be helpful but are not mandatory


Stefan Müller 

Head Teacher of Xuan Gong Fu Academy

Assistant Teacher: Tara van den Berg


Xuan Gong Fu Academy Berlin


200 € / 4 days


Tai Ji Intensive Month:

Join us for one month full-time training focusing entirely on the practice of Tai Ji Quan.

The Seminar and Camp are included.


06.07- 04.08.2024

The Month is starting with the Basic Seminar and ends with the Camp


550 € / Seminar + Camp + 1 Month Full-time (accommodation included)

Date(s) - 06/07/2024 - 04/08/2024



Ticket Type Price Spaces
Tai Ji Basic Seminar €100.00
Tai Ji Camp €200.00
Tai Ji Intensive Month €550.00

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