Meditation is Simple!

Maybe the first question should be… how you define meditation?
But maybe also simply not…
Because meditation should not be about defining nor about doing anything.
Yes, we aim to find a state of quietness.
A state of observing and entering into emptiness.
But how to aim for a target, which disappears in the very moment we start to look at it?
It seems very paradox, but as difficult as it is, as easy it is at the same time.
We need to learn to give space.
Space to aim… and space to not aim.
Space to do… and space to not do.
We think through knowledge, we can short cut all this, and save some time.
It is difficult for us to accept that meditation is actually all about wasting time.
Not being productive. Not getting anything from it.
And yet to do it, simply for the sake of doing it.
What a relief…
To simply sit and to do nothing.

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