Tai Ji Quan – The Art of Listening

In our next camp, we will use the 5 Animals Qi Gong to gain a deeper understanding of inner Martial Arts like Tai Ji Quan while starting to apply their principles in Push Hands Routines and Free Flow work! The Tai Ji Game of Tui Shou is a perfect frame to question certain principles that are born in soft body usage and an open mind. Usually, we react to any kind of pressure with a form of tension. As a result, we unbalance ourselves. The art is to observe this process of tension creation in order to slowly recondition ourselves into a reaction of softness and balance. The same kind of open-mindedness and creativity we demand in our 5 Animals Zi Ran Nei Gong, especially when we transition into a free-flow form of practice. Only the one that can stay here as well in balance and is able to listen to what is inside one’s self can start to express and move freely! If you have a 5 Animals Base and are interested to experience these levels of practice contact us. This is the last call to a camp that will not repeat itself soon again!

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