Tui Shou and 5 Animals Camp

Tui Shou is the art of listening, softness and balance.

The 5 Elements are a tool to observe the world in order to reestablish balance as well.

This makes these two tools a perfect fit and our last workshop a space all about balance and flow establishment!
Yet a tool is just a tool, lying in the corner and getting dusty if not inspired handy crafter take it into their hand with the intention to create.
Therefore I am so grateful for especially all these inspired crafters that joined us during the last days and brought the tools to beat and life.
In this sense another time I want to say thank you to everyone joining for filling the space with your energy and creativity, bringing flow to the body and the hall, challenging and supporting each other and most of all never getting tired to do all that with endless of joy!

Looking forward to see you at the next events this year!
Gong Fu Basics: 03/06/2023 – 04/06/2023
Ba Gua Basics: 22/07/2023 – 23/07/2023
Ba Gua Camp: 17/08/2023 – 20/08/202

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