Join Nico 03/04 June 2023 a whole weekend, when he will dive into the basics of Internal Martial Arts. The true secrets of any art lie in its basics! Regarding Inner Gong Fu that means that only when we start to understand how to position our body in order to center our mind and body, we can learn to connect all our joints and become one unit. On the road we get better and better in observing our body and releasing it. Like that Martial Arts originating out of the Wudang mountains become much more than just a fighting art. It becomes an art for cultivating health and an inner smile with every basic practice.

TOPICS OF THE SEMINAR: -Basic Standing Qi Gong and body and mind alignment -Basic Walking Meditation and centering in motion -Basic Kung Fu Stances and how to create stability and power through softness -Basic body mobility exercises to support the inner as well as outer opening process (Pi Gua) For registration visit:

FOLLOW-UP BASIC CLASS – Starting from June Note also, that we will open a new beginner class starting from June. Every Monday at 18:00 at our academy we will follow up with the camp by giving all students the chance to deepen as well as build up their Kung Fu Basics! For more information write us a mail!

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