Ba Gua Spiral Steps – Difference Between Ba Gua and Tai Ji Step Work

What is the difference between normal walking, Ba Gua Step Work and Tai Ji Step Work? Able to understand the differences we have the chance to connect deeper to our Ba Gua Zhang stepping principles. On our Online Kung Fu Database (Hidden Turtle), I teach currently class by class the fundamentals of our Ba Gua Zhang System. All sessions are recorded, so even so you missed the start, you have the chance to follow us along using the weekly uploads of the episodes! Or join our regular classes, full-time intensive training, or upcoming Seminars… So many ways to learn and practice :).

Basic Qi Gong Tutorial – Closing

Doesn’t matter if Tai Ji, Ba Gua, Xing Yi or simply one of our basic Qi Gong sets, every of our training is ending with our Shou Gong exercise. Like a farmer is cleaning and taking care for his tools after every working day, also we close every training with a special care taking Qi Gong Set. Learn in this tutorial with me why the “Shou Gong”, closing exercise, is the opening point to an even more important Qi Gong practice.

Fulltime 4

Our latest video is online.

Fulltime is our documentary series which tells episode by episode the storys of different long-term students at our school. Join us in episode 4 when Benajmin Soubeille talks about his 3 years of intense training at our academy and how he experienced this long journey from studentship to teachership. Showing kindness and softness on all levels of the journey I was very proud to hand him recently official our instructor certificate. Benjo was one of my first long-term students at our Wudang Deutschland Academy. Dedicating and entrusting three full years into the study of mainly Xing Yi Quan and Internal MMA he taught us many great lessons on his way so far. Seeing him during these times makes me certain that wherever life will lead him, his tools in the martial arts, his humbleness with people and his questioning and strong mind in his research, will lead him and make him a great role model, friend and teacher in all aspects of his life. I wish you all the best Benjo!