Ba Gua Zhang – Ancient Ritual – Camp in August

Inner Martial Arts are like bridges. Aiming to connect us. Our body and mind. Softness with Structure. Letting go of acting with acting. By creating these bridges in ourselves, we create the possibilities to connect with the people and the world around us as well. Ba Gua Zhang is that old and ancient ritual. A ritual that can form a bridge by transforming the fight for balance into a dance of balance. It is no coincidence that great fighters of history like Bruce Lee and Mohammed Ali, were also known as skillful dancers… And it is also no coincidence that Ba Gua Zhang might look for some like dancing… The process of balancing you could call “fighting”… The process of harmonizing you could call “dancing”… This makes the highest art of fighting the art of a piece. This makes the highest art of martial the art of dance.
Fight – Transform – Dance!
Ba Gua Zhang
Don’t forget to register to our Training Camp in August:
Ba Gua Zhang 17.08.-20.08.2023
Topics: – 4 Advanced Fighting Palms – Opening The Turtle Back – Sinking into the Pelvis (Kua) – Focused Application Practice

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