Upcoming BA GUA ZHANG CAMP 2022

Being nowadays one of the most well-known Internal Martial Arts styles, Ba Gua Zhang became famous for its circular and beautiful ways of motion as well as its efficiency in combat. Through the creation of spiral energy not only graceful motions are created but also the ability to create a controlling power against one or multiple opponents. Having its origin in the teachings of Cheng Ting Hua, who was famous for his wrestling skills, WDP Ba Gua Zhang as well is a wrestling-oriented style in application. This means that most motions and principles are used for grabbing and throwing techniques, instead of making use of striking and kicking. In four full days of full-time training, we will dedicate ourselves, following the traces of the past while observing how Ba Gua motions become a grappling-based system of combat that can be beautiful and efficient at the same time.

New Xuan T-Shirt

Finally it’s time! Our new shirts a there. For quite some time students asked me again and again when we would finally have some new t-shirts available. Trying for 3 years to find the right design which could represent the minimalism yet depth of the Xuan philosophy all my tries were simply not convincing enough. But now finally with the help of full-time student Nicolas we managed to find something that in my opinion does perfect justice to what I feel about our school. See in this video what stands for us behind the new design and how the handmade shirts were finally done! Feel free to send me a message if you want to order one for yourself!

FULLTIME V – Tugdual – A documentary about old school training in modern life

A special person was the last years with us and got in the end of 2021 ready to continue his way into the “outside world”. Therefore it is time for the next episode of FULLTIME! Episode 5 was the perfect way for me to round up our last year while sharing with you at the same time the story of Tugdual, a special student, friend, and role model to all of us here. A person that brought an energy into our school that still lasts and will probably for years stay. His full commitment as well as his understanding of trust were something we all learned from. Not to be afraid to be vulnerable in trust, but to understand that trust is a state of being that opens the world to us. This made him, and still is making him shine on his way. Seeing him now starting his own project YUAN Gong Fu in Lausanne, Switzerland, I could not be more proud of him. Like a strong river, he will flood the area with profound and always growing gong fu, better grab your boat and jump on now ;)! Also a big thank you to WDP Schweiz who opened the doors for Tugdual and send him on his way. We sometimes underestimate the importance of the start and foundation… but the foundation of a building is the most important… About the Fulltime Documentary: Fulltime is a project that I started five years ago. It portrays the long-term students of our school and their unique ways. Every episode is highlighting through the different characters of the student’s different aspects of our life and training. For the previous episodes check out our Youtube Channel! For Fulltime, Evening and Online Courses visit: https://www.xuan-gongfu.de/

5 days, 5 colours 5 Animals Camp 2021 – 10 – Everyday Kung Fu

Inner Martial Arts teach us how to become the brush for our own life. Giving us the chance to paint and express ourselves in the way we wish to. The Five Animals give us on that journey 5 different colours to our painting! In the last 5 Animals Camp 2021, we had the chance to learn more about our own colours by practising and deepening this very unique Qi Gong and Life Art. It was a great pleasure to meet and train with our family that meanwhile comes from all over Europe and to have this special 5 days together. https://www.xuan-gongfu.de/

Through 100 Man To The Middle Of Your Heart – 09 – Everyday Kung Fu

We all carry our own inner fight of life and death in us. While this might sound very harsh, fighting is nothing bad, but only the seek for harmony. The moment we recognize that, everything becomes a fight, and every fight the opportunity to attain harmony. To fight means therefore simply to balance two opposite forces – it means to play with yin and yang in order to archive Tai ji. The ways to approach to our own inner fight can be very various. Some find their tools of balance in religion or phylosophy, others in all kinds of arts. Our tool is the art of fighting. While we learn to handle physical confrontation with body motions better and better, we practice attaining as effortless as possible harmony facing a partner. Our partner simulates for us the unpredictable life that we all are confronted with and teaches us like that, that the only way to take control of life, is to take control of our own inner fight. The less we fight in ourselves the better we can adjust to the circumstances our partner or later also life offers to us. This makes the art of fighting, Martial Arts, another art of inner balance and peace. The better we get, the less we need to fight. Seeking to bring our attention to that inner confrontation we invited our students into a 100 Man battel. The extreme confrontation with never-ending coming opponents for around 3,5 hours, forces the practitioner to reverse the view to the inside.

Teacher Training Season II -Review and All Information

After a great first year of our Teacher Training Program, our first season comes to an end. Students from all over the world dedicated themselves to our second most intense frame of practice, in order to build up step by step a solid foundation of the Internal Martial Arts of Wudang Principles. Even the Covid 19 Pandemic situation couldn’t stop our work together and instead helped us to develop the program further so that now our training is always held online and offline. This opens the space for students from even farther away to join us. A good time now to look back and review how the last year went with one of our students. Andre is sharing with us in this video his experiences of the program. With his history in other Gong Fu schools as well as joining us online and offline, he brings a very wide view of the program and was, therefore, a very nice companion to talk about our last year. Thank you very much Andre for your time! And of course also a big big thank to all the other Teacher Training Students that gave everything the last year and brought all that motivation and work that made all of this possible!

Xing Yi Quan – Shape Shifting

Xing Yi Quan is the art of Shape-Shifting. Imitating the qualities of the 5 Elements and later on even the spirits of 10 Animals, Xing Yi Quan practitioners not only develop the ability to bring relaxed explosiveness into all directions and angles but also to fill the body with different movement qualities. In order to dive with us deeper into these concepts join our upcoming online 3-month course, in which I will teach and explain to you the basics of Wudang Principles Xing Yi Quan in a weekly 1 hour Xing Yi Class. Sign up at:


Basic Qi Gong Tutorial – Closing

Doesn’t matter if Tai Ji, Ba Gua, Xing Yi or simply one of our basic Qi Gong sets, every of our training is ending with our Shou Gong exercise. Like a farmer is cleaning and taking care for his tools after every working day, also we close every training with a special care taking Qi Gong Set. Learn in this tutorial with me why the “Shou Gong”, closing exercise, is the opening point to an even more important Qi Gong practice.

We Are Back!

It is time to take off our weights! After a long time of waiting, we can finally meet to train together again! Starting from the 4th of June we will be able to open our regular classes in which we practice styles like Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi), Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan as well as Wudang Sword. More information, as well as our new schedule, will be released soon.


This is a short trailer for the upcoming Training Records Episode. The next episode will discuss with you the ideas of the foundation of our combat system: The Shadow Steps. It is time to look in an honest way, how we adjust and bring the principles of the internal martial arts into the modern fast developing fighting frame. Yes, we practice also Qi Gong and partner exercises a lot, in order to understand and deepen our principles, but we understand their place in connection to the real fight. The real fight is dynamic and free, the practice of fixed application can not substitute the challenge of moving free and dynamic with another unpredictable human being. Following the principle of the dragon, own the space, be everywhere and nowhere – The role of the shadows steps helps us to fill this need of freedom for a realistic fighting frame.