What is Ba Gua Zhang?

In this interview I talk with Tamar about several Ba Gua topics. Looking together at questions like: What is the history of our Ba Gua lineage? What is the most important basic to practice? Why is our system focusing so much on wrestling applications? And why Ba Gua Zhang is a very healthy and spiritual practice?
I hope you enjoy :).

Ba Gua Zhang – Ancient Ritual – Camp in August

Inner Martial Arts are like bridges. Aiming to connect us. Our body and mind. Softness with Structure. Letting go of acting with acting. By creating these bridges in ourselves, we create the possibilities to connect with the people and the world around us as well. Ba Gua Zhang is that old and ancient ritual. A ritual that can form a bridge by transforming the fight for balance into a dance of balance. It is no coincidence that great fighters of history like Bruce Lee and Mohammed Ali, were also known as skillful dancers… And it is also no coincidence that Ba Gua Zhang might look for some like dancing… The process of balancing you could call “fighting”… The process of harmonizing you could call “dancing”… This makes the highest art of fighting the art of a piece. This makes the highest art of martial the art of dance.
Fight – Transform – Dance!
Ba Gua Zhang
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Ba Gua Zhang 17.08.-20.08.2023
Topics: – 4 Advanced Fighting Palms – Opening The Turtle Back – Sinking into the Pelvis (Kua) – Focused Application Practice

Ba Gua Zhang – Meditation, Movement and Martial Art

Legends tell the tale of Ba Gua Zhang, a martial art said to have been passed down to its founder, Dong Hai Chuan, by wandering Taoists. Originally a simple walking meditation technique aimed at transforming both body and mind, Dong Hai Chuan recognized its immense potential for growth, leading him to base his martial art on its principles.
You could refer Ba Gua Zhang, as the ancient art of circles. As we immerse ourselves in its practice, we gradually develop a love for these enchanting circles, bearing witness to the birth of the spiral of life. Within this spiral lies a world brimming with unique meditative experiences, Qi Gong practices, expressive movement arts, and powerful martial techniques.
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22.-23.07.2023 Basic Seminar – 4 Essentials + 4 Basic Fighting Palms 17.-20.08.2023 Advanced Camp – 4 Advanced Fighting Plams + Application Practice


In this video, we show you some of our practical applications originating in basic principles and movements out of your Wudang Principles Ba Gua Zhang practice.

Over time, Ba Gua Zhang transformed from an ancient circle walking meditation into a formidable martial art renowned for its circular footwork, intricate hand techniques, and strategic maneuvering. Embodying the principles of change and adaptability, Ba Gua emphasizes fluidity, agility, and simultaneous attack and defense.

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Basic Seminar: 22-23.07.2023 Ba Gua Intensive: 22.07.-20.08.2023 Ba Gua Camp: 17-20.08.2023



Join Nico 03/04 June 2023 a whole weekend, when he will dive into the basics of Internal Martial Arts. The true secrets of any art lie in its basics! Regarding Inner Gong Fu that means that only when we start to understand how to position our body in order to center our mind and body, we can learn to connect all our joints and become one unit. On the road we get better and better in observing our body and releasing it. Like that Martial Arts originating out of the Wudang mountains become much more than just a fighting art. It becomes an art for cultivating health and an inner smile with every basic practice.

TOPICS OF THE SEMINAR: -Basic Standing Qi Gong and body and mind alignment -Basic Walking Meditation and centering in motion -Basic Kung Fu Stances and how to create stability and power through softness -Basic body mobility exercises to support the inner as well as outer opening process (Pi Gua) For registration visit: https://www.xuan-gongfu.de/Seminar/gong-fu-basics-seminar/

FOLLOW-UP BASIC CLASS – Starting from June Note also, that we will open a new beginner class starting from June. Every Monday at 18:00 at our academy we will follow up with the camp by giving all students the chance to deepen as well as build up their Kung Fu Basics! For more information write us a mail!

BA GUA ZHANG: Meditation, Martial and Healing Art

Ba Gua is the art of circles, spirals and transformation. An art that has its origin in an old and simple Taoist circle-walking meditation and has since then developed into a full martial, movement and healing art. But Ba Gua wouldn’t be Ba Gua if its growing and transforming would be done and over. Take part in our Ba Gua journey, in our regular classes, and upcoming seminars or go all in at our Ba Gua Fulltime Month!:

Basic Seminar: 22-23.07.2023

Ba Gua Camp: 17-20.08.2023

Ba Gua Fulltime Month: 22.07.-20.08.2023

Tui Shou and 5 Animals Camp

Tui Shou is the art of listening, softness and balance.

The 5 Elements are a tool to observe the world in order to reestablish balance as well.

This makes these two tools a perfect fit and our last workshop a space all about balance and flow establishment!
Yet a tool is just a tool, lying in the corner and getting dusty if not inspired handy crafter take it into their hand with the intention to create.
Therefore I am so grateful for especially all these inspired crafters that joined us during the last days and brought the tools to beat and life.
In this sense another time I want to say thank you to everyone joining for filling the space with your energy and creativity, bringing flow to the body and the hall, challenging and supporting each other and most of all never getting tired to do all that with endless of joy!

Looking forward to see you at the next events this year!
Gong Fu Basics: 03/06/2023 – 04/06/2023
Ba Gua Basics: 22/07/2023 – 23/07/2023
Ba Gua Camp: 17/08/2023 – 20/08/202

Tai Ji Quan – The Art of Listening

In our next camp, we will use the 5 Animals Qi Gong to gain a deeper understanding of inner Martial Arts like Tai Ji Quan while starting to apply their principles in Push Hands Routines and Free Flow work! The Tai Ji Game of Tui Shou is a perfect frame to question certain principles that are born in soft body usage and an open mind. Usually, we react to any kind of pressure with a form of tension. As a result, we unbalance ourselves. The art is to observe this process of tension creation in order to slowly recondition ourselves into a reaction of softness and balance. The same kind of open-mindedness and creativity we demand in our 5 Animals Zi Ran Nei Gong, especially when we transition into a free-flow form of practice. Only the one that can stay here as well in balance and is able to listen to what is inside one’s self can start to express and move freely! If you have a 5 Animals Base and are interested to experience these levels of practice contact us. This is the last call to a camp that will not repeat itself soon again!

Ba Gua Spiral Steps – Difference Between Ba Gua and Tai Ji Step Work

What is the difference between normal walking, Ba Gua Step Work and Tai Ji Step Work? Able to understand the differences we have the chance to connect deeper to our Ba Gua Zhang stepping principles. On our Online Kung Fu Database (Hidden Turtle), I teach currently class by class the fundamentals of our Ba Gua Zhang System. All sessions are recorded, so even so you missed the start, you have the chance to follow us along using the weekly uploads of the episodes! Or join our regular classes, full-time intensive training, or upcoming Seminars… So many ways to learn and practice :).